Everyone knows them, the big corporations like Dropbox, Google Drive and others. But they all have one thing in common, a file transfer is extremely complicated. Either you register and then share the file with others or you get a long link to the files. There are definitely easier ways, one of which I would like to introduce in this article.

A young startup from beautiful Austria intends to change the world. Founder Ben Faist wants his product Flip Transfer to make it easier for people to transfer files to any device.

Flip Transfer should be available on every platform and enable a faultless file transfer. The team behind Flip Transfer is doing this very well.

With another novelty Flip Transfer wants to facilitate the file transfer. Their own developed FLIP-ID concept should take the complexity out of the product, so that users of all ages can use the software. Not like with other providers the user gets a link to the files or can send the files by mail, no he gets a 4-digit FLIP-ID which everybody can remember at least a few minutes.

The product should not provide a long-term data storage, it should be used only for the transfer of files. To maintain this, files are removed from the servers after 24 hours.

Of course there are more features, but with this simple and easy to use system Flip Transfer has convinced me very well. Get your own picture of it and write me your testimonials.