A new way to transfer any type of file from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android smartphone to any other device is called Flip Transfer.
It's a cross-platform file transfer service that really works on any device with Internet access.

What is Flip Transfer?

It is a website (or app for Android) where you upload your files. After uploading, you get a 4-digit FLIP ID consisting of numbers and letters.
Now you open the receiver device, which can be any device with internet access, the website www.flip-transfer.com or the app on Android. There you enter the FLIP-ID into the field "Download files" and click on "Download".
Now you can see the uploaded files, you can download them individually or you can download them compressed as ZIP.

By this simple ID system, accounts become superfluous and there are also no download links necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum file size?
On Flip Transfer, a file can have a maximum size of 250 MB.

How many files can I upload per FLIP ID?
Basically an infinite number, but only 50 files can be choosen per Upload process.

How long are my files available?
After upload your files are available for download for at least 24 hours.

On which devices does Flip Transfer work?
Flip Transfer works on any device and operating system that has a current Internet browser and access to the Internet.

Does Flip Transfer cost anything?
Flip Transfer is completely free and free of advertising!

Are my files safe with Flip Transfer?
Anyone who knows the FLIP ID to your files will have access to those files! We do not recommend transferring confidential files with Flip Transfer! In the future there will be the possibility to secure files with a password.

What happens to my files after 24 hours?
Your files will be irrevocably removed from Flip Transfer's servers.