How my class and I use Flip Transfer to work more efficiently

I am a student of a school that trains in the field of information technology. We use our laptop several hours a day to work.

Since it happens often that classmates don't write down exactly or they miss things, files are exchanged very often. In the past we always sent the files by e-mail or discord, but here we often had problems with the file sizes.

One day a classmate of mine discovered the website and informed us about the advantages of this site. He was able to convince us with the arguments that you don't have to log in anywhere anymore and that sharing with several people works just as well as sharing with one person.

Two students using Flip Transfer to share files
Two students using Flip Transfer to share files

Since we know Flip Transfer, we always use it to spread our notes, tasks, etc. among each other and this until now always problem-free.

So in summary we say, Flip Transfer is the ideal service to distribute files quickly and easily. Especially for us students there is the big advantage that files can be exchanged quickly during the lesson.