Flip Transfer is the easiest file sharing service you need to check out right now!

I use a lot of different devices running different operating systems and often I find myself needing to move files between those devices. Emailing files to myself used to be my go-to way to do that because its already on all my devices. I don’t need to install and use a seperate app or service to do it. It was just the easiest way for me. Until recently.

There are many different file sharing services available but Flip Transfer is a new player in this space that’s making it incredibly simple to share files online.

Imagine Apple’s Airdrop but 100% cross platform. That’s basically what Flip Transfer is.

How it works is a user can browse to the website on any device, upload an unlimited number of files 20 at a time with an individual file size limit of 250MB, and is given what’s called a FLIP-ID which changes whenever you refresh the webpage. The user clicks the button and the data is stored for when the recipient is ready to receive it, however the files will only be stored on Flip Transfer’s encrypted servers for 24 hours before they are automatically deleted. The sender gives the receiver the FLIP-ID and they can then go to Flip Transfer’s website, input the ID and poof...they can download the file onto whatever device they are using as long as the device supports the file type.

Meant to be used as a fast and easy way to share and transfer files between friends or colleagues on any device. There’s no account to create, no subscription fee, no logins to remember. You just browse to the site, upload the file, and the other person downloads it using the FLIP-ID. Clean and simple.

I’ve found transfers work on any platform which in my opinion is the coolest thing about using this service. Working on a file on your iPhone? Transfer it to your Windows PC or Android tablet easily and continue the work.

Flip Transfer is by far the easiest way to share and transfer files I’ve ever used. It is definitely worth a look!