What is Flip Transfer

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Flip Transfer is a platform for transferring your files. With Flip Transfer, you can easily transfer photos, videos, music and more.

Flip Transfer lets you share and transfer files on any device. Easily transfer pictures, videos, and files from your iPhone to your computer. Sharing files between Android and iPhone is also a breeze.

Easily share files with your friends, colleagues, and family with Flip Transfer.

How it works

Simply select photos, videos or files no larger than 250MB and drag them into the Drag & Drop field. The files are uploaded automatically!

If the files have been uploaded successfully, you will receive a 4-digit FLIP-ID, which you can use later to download the files again.

On the receiving device, enter this 4-digit FLIP-ID in the "Download files" field and click "Download". Here you have the possibility to download the files compressed as ZIP or you download the files separately.

Behind the scenes

Flip Transfer was founded in 2018 by the Austrian Ben Faist.

Ben was tired of using email or a cable to transfer photos from his mobile phone to his computer. So he quickly came up with the idea of Flip Transfer.

The name Flip Transfer consists of the words Flip, like hopping and transfer, like sharing or transferring. This basically means that files jump from one device to another.

Today Flip Transfer is a part of FaistDevelopments. Ben Faist is still managing director of Flip Transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum file size?
On Flip Transfer, a file can have a maximum size of 250 MB.

How many files can I upload per FLIP ID?
Basically an infinite number

How long are my files available?
After upload your files are available for download for at least 24 hours.

On which devices does Flip Transfer work?
Flip Transfer works on any device and operating system that has a current Internet browser and access to the Internet.

Does Flip Transfer cost anything?
Flip Transfer is completely free!

Are my files safe with Flip Transfer?
Anyone who knows the FLIP ID to your files will have access to those files! We do not recommend transferring confidential files with Flip Transfer! In the future there will be the possibility to secure files with a password.

What happens to my files after 24 hours?
Your files will be irrevocably removed from Flip Transfer's servers.